About the Journey


When we prepare, we make ourselves ready for something that will happen in the future.  This frequently involves a number of steps. There will be information we need to find out about, actions we need to take. This is also often called the groundwork or even homework.  We also need to prepare ourselves, through our attitude of being open to learn and take on the information and then a willingness to add it to our existing knowledge and skills. We therefore also are part of the preparation.

When it is something a little challenging that we are preparing for – such as the topic of these resources, to ensure our children are kept safe when involved with providers, we need a team of supporters to ensure we are confidently prepared. Therefore we have collected information from a range of different sources, from other parents’ experiences, from experts in the field, from research and documents. While all of the information in our resources will help you feel prepared there are specific topics and areas that we have provided to support you in your preparation phase. Where these are present we have placed our P guide, who with their suitcase demonstrates that preparation involves the collection and storage of information and with their smile and wave is a guide and friend to you on your journey.

In each of our topics we have divided them into different sections – the information provided in the questions:

What do you look for?

Questions you could ask to find out more about this area

The information in these sections will assist you in your preparation.



When we explore, we are actively investigating, looking into and researching a new area. This can be very exciting and sometimes a bit scary. For this topic of Keeping Children Safe when involved with providers it will definitely be a combination of both and even at times a little unsettling. But the end result will be empowering; to know that you have strengthened your existing knowledge and become a wise warrior. Exploring of course is part of your preparation but it is such an important part that we have separated it out and given it an assistant, the E guide who with their eye is always on the lookout for helpful information and eager to take the information in and on board. They are strong and open and active in the process as you are also.

In each of our topics we have divided them into different sections – the information provided in the questions:

Questions you could ask to find out more about this area will assist you in your preparation.



You are already very skilled at defending, looking after your children. These resources are building on that foundation to consolidate keeping your children safe across a number of situations, assisting them and yourselves in building resilience and well being.

We can protect in many ways.  We protect other and ourselves through having knowledge, supporting others and ourselves to be strong and informed, confident, building the blocks and stages and acting firmly and appropriately when action is needed.

In each of our topics the section on Things you can do/Helpful strategies: what you can do to support this aspect aims to enhance your capacity to protect your children and enable them to be resilient about protecting themselves when engaged with providers.

Our Protect guide enhances these qualities – they are strong and has the ability to be fierce, to stand up for what has to be done.