Employing providers to ensure children are safe section (in organisations & employing providers yourself)


When we explore, we are actively investigating, looking into and researching a new area. This can be very exciting and sometimes a bit scary. For this topic of Keeping Children Safe when involved with providers it will definitely be a combination of both and even at times a little unsettling. But the end result will be empowering; to know that you have strengthened your existing knowledge and become a wise warrior. Exploring of course is part of your preparation but it is such an important part that we have separated it out and given it an assistant, the E guide who with their eye is always on the lookout for helpful information and eager to take the information in and on board. They are strong and open and active in the process as you are also.

In each of our topics we have divided them into different sections – the information provided in the question:

Questions you could ask to find out more about this area will assist you in your preparation.